Prepregs for Advanced Composites

XPREG® is a complete range of high performance component and tooling prepregs including systems for both autoclave and oven-only (OOA) cure.

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XPREG® XC110 | Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) System

XC110 is a remarkable prepreg system designed to deliver outstanding surface finish, low void content and good mechanical properties following a vacuum bagged oven cure (out of autoclave).

The XC110 system is fully compatible with our XA120 resin film and alternative backing plies from our XC130 range meaning that complex structural components, including those with honeycomb cores, can be produced without the need for an autoclave.

Technical Datasheet Complete Processing Guide

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XPREG® XC130 | Autoclave Cure, Multi Purpose

XC130 is a high performance, multi-purpose prepreg suitable for autoclave or other positive pressure curing. XC130 uses high strength, visual grade reinforcement making it suitable for both cosmetic and structural appplications.

Advantages to XC130 include its variable cure temperature, visual quality, excellent mechanical properties and range of reinforcements available straight from stock. Call our sales team to find out about our highly advantagous pricing.

Technical Datasheet

Standard XPREG® Prepregs

OOA Component

Component prepregs for oven-only cure
XC130 210g 3k Carbon 2x2
XC130 450g 12k Carbon 2x2
XC130 300g Carbon Unidirectional
XA120 200g Adhesive Film

OOA Tooling

Tooling prepregs for oven-only cure
XT135/S 350g Glass Surface
XT135/B 600g Glass Backing
XT135/S 200g Carbon Surface
XT135/B 650g Carbon Backing

Autoclave Component

Component prepregs for autoclave cure
XC130 210g 3k Carbon 2x2
XC130 375g 6k 5HS
XC130 450g 12k Carbon 2x2
XC130 300g Carbon Unidirectional
XA120 200g Adhesive Film

Autoclave Tooling

Tooling prepregs for autoclave cure
XT180 290g Glass 2x2
XT180 870g Glass 2x2
XT230 290g Glass 2x2
XT230 870g Glass 2x2

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